Sabrina Erdely Has a History of Bad Journalism

I’m sure that everyone has heard about Sabrina “Rape Culture” Erdely’s apology to the people most likely to retaliate against her shoddy journalism recently. Considering Erdely was allowing herself to make such egregious errors during her time “investigating” the Jackie story, there has to be evidence that she has done something similar in the past. So I decided to go through her selected archived work on her website. It seems like she is very interested in issues that women face. There is a story about a date rapist, there is a story about men stalking women, but one story in particular stood out to me.

“The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer”

This is very similar to the title “A Rape On Campus” and it shows a similar illustration with a picture of a woman with hands all over her. I think it would be very prudent to go through this article and see how in-depth our journalist gets regarding this story. Of course,when you search “Petty Officer Blumer” on Google, her story is the first thing to come up. Our accuser and yes…I used the word accuser is Petty Officer Blumer who was supposed raped by three, and here is the kicker “Army Guys.” Yes our accused/perpetrators are none other than the infamous “Army Guys.” This sounds like a great place to start if you want to get a story corroborated. Someone get those three “Army Guys” on the phone so I can have a chat with them!

Here is how the story is told by Sabrina Erdley who interviewed Petty Officer Blumer.

“The night before. February 12th, 2010, she and some friends had gone to a bar not far from base for a couple of beers. Thee Army guys – one with light hair, the other two dark-haired had sent Blumer a shot of Jegermeister, a drink she didn’t care much for but downed anyway. The light haired man had rounded the bar to talk to her. The last thing Blumer remembered was being overwhelmed by a dizzy, sluggish feeling, her limbs and head too heavy to lift, the noises in the bar rising up and caving in on her. Only later would Blumer find out the rest: that at 1:40 a.m., police had noticed her driving with her headlights off. That she’d barely been able to stand upright during her field sobriety test, but when placed under arrest she’d gone berserk, trying to break free of the police car and screaming incoherently. In jail, she’d yelled for a doctor and fought with the cops so wildly that she’d been hosed down in an effort to quiet her. Now, crouching in her cell with a swollen jaw; bruises smudging her wrists, ankles and neck; her abdomen sore inside; and her lower back and buttocks afire with what felt like rug burn, it dawned on Blumer. She’d been roofied and raped.”

There are a couple possibilities here. Either she got hammered, had sex, and then decided to drive home that night and got caught. Then came up with this “rape” story in order to try and get out of being charged with a DUI or she actually was raped that evening. If we use our skeptical faculties it would seem like what we need to find out is whether Blumer had date rape drugs in her system. Which I’m sure Sabrina Erdley was grinding to find out. Let’s continue on. “When she was allowed in a few minutes later, Blumer was told that she would be taken to the hospital – but with orders only for a toxicology report, to see if there really were date rape drugs in her system. Whether you get a rape kit is up to you.”

However, if we continue on in the paragraph it doesn’t give us a result. Was there a date rape drug in her system or wasn’t there? Erdely goes on to describe the parade of horribles that are the questions she was asked like “Did you inflict your injuries yourself.” To which Petty officer Blumer reacted with “How could anyone even think that I would do that to myself?” Well, did she have date rape drugs in her system Erdely? We have a claim of rape after being busted for a DUI and that doesn’t reek of excuses. Especially after she was so out of it that she attacked police officers wildly? That doesn’t sound to me like symptoms of being slipped a date rape drug. That sounds like someone being violently drunk.

“By then, the JAG overseeing Blumer’s case had already revealed that the toxicology results had come back negative; No date-rape drugs had been detected. Blumer was shocked and confused, since the emergency-room nurse had already told her during a follow-up visit that drugs had been found. So who do you believe, the nurse handling it? Or the command saying that it didn’t happen.”

The command isn’t saying it didn’t happen. They are saying that they haven’t found any date-rape drugs in your system. You would think that the results of the toxicology report from the hospital that she went to would have been sent to them. Or she could have waved the report in their faces to prove that there were in fact date rape drugs present in her system. But we are supposed to believe that the nurse handling her case told her that there were date rape drugs present in her system. Then JAG told the person who was told that the test came back positive that the test came back negative. Then it is revealed that she was tested 18 hours after the fact and so the drug could have left her system anyway. Yet I am still supposed to sit here and believe that the nurse claimed that the test came back positive? So the only evidence we are left with is her word saying “Who are you going to believe the nurse who claimed that I had drugs in my system 18 hours after it was ingested, or the JAG who says the report came back negative, which would be consistent with everything we know about date rape drugs.

It is important with this author to recognize that she has taken someone’s story and run with it regarding the “A Rape On Campus” story. We need to be cautious about the “objective truth” regarding this case. Here we have something that is absolutely verifiable, the toxicology report from the JAG regarding her case. Then we have some nurse at a hospital who said there were date rape drugs found in her system. It doesn’t say which one. It doesn’t say “Ryhophnol” or anything. Just…date rape drugs. Also in the article it is claimed that date rape drugs were found in her system during the hospital visit, but not in the JAG toxicology report because “date rape drugs” depending on metabolism don’t stay in the body for over 12 hours as Blumer was told by her therapist.

Of course all of these “facts” are lined with things like the military is a rape cult, there is one woman saying that she was raped and assaulted so often it almost felt like part of the service. There is the claim that 1 in 3 women in the armed forces have been sexually attacked. Of course that would mean 67,666 women in the active duty armed forces would have been attacked sexually, please learn the consequences of your claims and maybe you wouldn’t make such stupid ones. Of course nowhere in the article is it shown that 1 in 3 women in the military will be attacked. It’s just kind of stated and said it’s backed by “research”. What research? Nobody knows.

The only evidence they have regarding a “rape” occurring were skin cells found on her underwear that weren’t hers and an apparent anal tear which is only mentioned one time in the article and no other statements on the tear are found anywhere else. However, we can all remember the Jackie story claiming that she was bloody directly after the rape which turned out to be untrue. Erdely, you have been caught taking someone’s story and just running with it to paint a picture of “rape culture” and I have to say that is the feeling I am getting from this story you have written as well. It wasn’t determined whose skin cells those were, just that they weren’t Blumer’s

This sounds just like the “A Rape On Campus” story.

Another story sought out to try and prove “rape culture in the military.” Erdley had since moved to college campuses and who knows what other area of society she will diagnose with “rape culture.”