Full Circle

What do you think when I say “grown women around little girls in bathrooms?”

What comes into your mind when I say “grown men around little boys in bathrooms?”

What pops into your head when I say “grown women around little boys in bathrooms?”

Keep those thoughts fresh in your mind. Let it simmer. Stop reading for a few minutes if you have to. Now what pops into your head when I say the phrase “grown men around little girls in bathrooms?” If your brain went straight to pedophilia then you have a serious prejudice that you need to get rid of. This introduction is probably assumed, by you, to be an argument against some new SJW argument. How women are just so terrified about how some evil men use their bathrooms accidentally, and it scares them. How they are petitioning someone somewhere to do something about this scourge of indecency.

No, it’s conservatives doing something remarkably similar. There is an argument floating around in conservative mind-spaces about how male to female transgendered people using the women’s restroom is dangerous. The people who say these types of things are indistinguishable to me from modern feminists. First off, they equate being transgendered with being a pedophile. As if there is going to be more danger to little girls in their bathrooms if transgendered people are present. What bothers me about this kind of thing is, no matter which sex you actually call this person the argument still falls flat on its face.

Let’s say you think this male to female transgendered person is male. Well, what you’re saying in this case is that you think that these little girls will experience more danger if they are in their presence. Well, this brings up the obvious fact that grown men are around little boys in the men’s room all the goddamn time. It shows that they either care more about little girls, or they are just using that as political rhetoric.

Let’s say you believe that this female to male transgendered person is female. The argument still falls on its metaphorical face for slightly different reasons. This is just someone actually using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender. What I have seen a rhetorical lack of, in mainstream conservative idea clouds, is female to male trans people. I have seen exactly zero people express a concern for little boys being in the bathroom with grown women. Because clearly, it’s men who do the child rape, never the other way around.

These particular conservatives are supporting laws that would require transgendered people to use bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate in public areas. They are not the proponents of freedom in this case. They are the ones arguing that the government should step in and bar people from taking a shit in a particular toilet. Businesses are free to do whatever they like (which was facilitated by the overturning of certain anti-discrimination laws), but in North Carolina, on public sites people are barred from using bathrooms designated for the opposite sex, of course argued for under the guise of “safety.” (Full Law Text Here)

I have no idea what the penalty would be for doing so. I suppose I won’t eat any Mexican or Indian food before going to a public museum of any type. Emergencies do happen, folks and sometimes the only toilet you care about is the closest one.

Even using this pedophile argument is absurd to begin with. Do you think pedophiles look at a “women’s room” or “men’s room” sign and think “Darn it. If only I were allowed in this restroom. But this sign, it says it’s for women so getting into this room is impossible.” No, they’ll walk through the door anyway. If they are deciding to do publicly whatever awful thing they are going to do, do you think a sign is going to stop them? It’s similar to making the argument that a “no pedophiles” sign is going to stop them. They can always just make the excuse that they went in there accidentally. Conservatives could make an argument for an additional “children’s bathroom” if pedophilia truly is their main gripe here (I have a feeling it isn’t). Every thinking person knows signs don’t stop criminals. Not in “gun-free zones” or in “[insert sex here] bathrooms.”

In any case, conservatives are now feeding into the “men are inherently dangerous to little girls” narrative. If you are concerned about your child, go into the bathroom with them. I would rather it not become some sort of state-sanctioned offense for someone to accidentally enter the lady’s room when they aren’t paying attention. It’s stupid. It’s childish, and I honestly don’t get what the big deal is. Go into a bathroom, take your piss like an adult, and leave.


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