Just one guy with no education, and some common sense.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Vernaculis!
    My name is John. I’ve been a major fan of yours since July. I’d like to personally thank you for posting your videos. They’ve helped me greatly in articulating my thoughts into words whenever I find myself on the defensive for voicing an opinion on something. To me, you’re right up there with Ben Shapiro. You’re not a “thought leader” of mine by any stretch of the imagination; I pretty much agreed with everything you say long before discovering you. But listening to the way you speak and the way you present your points has been a major help to me. I’m more confident and assertive when standing up to “senseless consensus” than I used to be, and no longer am reduced to biting my tongue when sorrounded and lamenting to myself on what I should’ve when the oppertunity presented itself. Just recently I demolished a Black Lives Matter advocate and a professor in a debate on facebook over the “you are part of the problem if you don’t agree with us” mentality, and with zero profanity. I’ve even gotten to the point where (after getting over the initial nervousness) I actually enjoy debating others, and feel that I’m somehow improving society by sharing my ideas in a small way.
    Thank you so much once again. Keep making videos. You’re doing great. I think you have a bright future ahead of you.
    PS I hope your most recent video hasn’t been removed (the latest anti-feminist one) My favorite part was your response to that chick’s claim that freedom of speech shouldn’t be without consequences; “What… Would that… Be….?(!)” I tried finding it on your channel to show my parents but it appears to be gone.


  2. Greetings, Vernaculis,
    My screen name is Austryker, however, you can call me Austin. I’ve been a fan of your YouTube channel for upwards of year now, and of this wordpress for the last month or so. I love listening to and reading your content, as even though you (as of my knowledge) have your highest educational award set at a High School Diploma, you somehow manage to appear better educated than most Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree SJWs streaming out of college like lava flows down the side of a volcano.
    I’d like to personally say that this world needs more people like you. People willing to speak out against these propaganda workers with evidence, fact, and basic common sense. It amazes me that people, even when confronted with actual legitimate evidence and knowledge, can become even MORE stubborn and arrogant. I’d also like to thank you, as your videos have helped me to learn new things and teach others new things.
    The fact that these people can insult people and get away with it but claim that insulting them is somehow racist or sexist is astounding to me, and I hope to see your channel continue to grow in the future.


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